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Thursday, February 23, 2012

One Dream Veil Contest by Pn. Fainie!

Assalamualaikum All...

Contest lg untuk B2B 2012?


Contest by Pn Fainie (cintaaidaiskandar) n (adRia Cottage)

simple contest you just need to:
  1. Be follower Adria Cottage & ChintaAidaIskandar
  2. Post a veil picture with a magic word. (That's mean, 1 picture and 1 word caption. No need an essay)
  3. Share with or tag a B2B 2012 and inform her about this
  4. Drop a comment to Pn Fainie Blog
  5. Didn't have blog? No worries, you may email Pn.Fainie at fainie_riz@yahoo.com
My Dream Veil on my Wedding is:

Nota kaki: Heed Sidek (ever after beautiful bride!)

to B2B 2012: Irine Nadia Marcello let join this contest dear!

to All B2B 2012 Best of Luck!

Closing Date: 31 March 2012


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